Playground equipment

We have the widest range of playground equipment available on the Polish market . All toys and play equipment contained in it have the required certificates and attestations and are of the highest quality and durability.  

Play sets

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Toys for the playground

A large variety of products, both in terms of design, construction and material, guarantees a full cross-section of technologies available on the market and options of play equipment. We offer playground equipment for both young children and the elderly. Wooden and metal toys for the children's playground. Small play equipment with a simple design as well as very large, complex sets with a lot of various functions and elements. It is entirely professional equipment designed for outdoor playgrounds.

Playground equipment

Due to the large variety of solutions and technologies used in production, we also have a very diverse price list for playground equipment. You can easily find playground equipment at a price that is right for your needs and financial possibilities.

In addition, each product on our website has been described in detail, provided with photos and / or visualizations and technical cards that can be downloaded without logging in, for each technology separately (if a specific type of play equipment exists in several available options) . You can easily find the most important information about the materials and technologies used to manufacture specific equipment. The website of a given product also contains information on basic safety requirements specific to a given element of playground equipment and the warranty period provided for a given technology of its implementation.