Playground design

In addition to construction activities, the scope of our services also includes the design of playgrounds and recreational areas. Based on ours
several hundred playgrounds have already been created in Poland.

Our team of designers are people with practical knowledge about the construction and design of playgrounds, who know the PN-EN 1176-77: 2009 norms perfectly
and building regulations.


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Thanks to many years of experience and "reasonable imagination" we are able to design even the most fancy playground for you, while ensuring that it meets all safety and functionality requirements.

For those of you who want to retrofit, modernize or equip a playground for children, and who do not have the design of their future playground, we offer assistance in the selection of appropriate equipment, functional design of their arrangement, also taking into account existing devices on the playground. Based on the yard measurements (taking into account permanent obstacles such as wells, trees, bushes, etc.) or a dimensioned map of the area received from you, we will prepare a playground development proposal for you with a price offer for free .
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We offer fully professional project documentation for clients who plan to build a playground requiring construction notification .

What we offer?
  • We offer comprehensive preparation of project documentation containing:
    - developing functional and utility programs;
    - preparation of design technical documentation;
    - land development projects;
    - detailed plans for the arrangement of equipment and safe surfaces;
    - technical drawings of cross-sections of individual pavement layers;
    - technical specifications for the execution and acceptance of works;
    - detailed technical specifications;
    - bills of quantities and cost estimates;
  • Depending on the needs, we carry out both projects for the purpose of building notification and obtaining a building permit.

    All those of you who want to be sure that they will receive well-prepared project documentation for the playground and avoid any unpleasant "surprises" at the investment implementation stage, and that the playground built on its basis will not only be functional and attractive for children, but above all safe for everyone, we invite you to cooperation.